Welcome to Auto Cars

Autocars was incorporated in the year 1993. Over the years We have established an impeccable record of reliable service and just-in-time delivery over the past decade and a half. Our area of expertise is end-to-end logistics solutions, which include Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution, across India.

We provide top-notch service at best-in-the-industry rates. Our experience, expertise, infrastructure, equity, dependability and reach are second to none. Going beyond transportation, we also provide value-added inputs to help streamline the entire logistics process.

Primary Logistics

We provide both inbound and outbound transportation solutions. Inbound transportation includes transportation of raw material from suppliers/port to the manufacturing plant. Outbound transportation includes transportation of finished goods, semi-finished goods, service spares, moulds and machinery from the manufacturing plant to strategically located warehouses across the country.

All our vehicles are fitted with GPS based vehicle tracking devices enabling real time vehicle tracking & its position.

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Warehouse Management & Distribution

We provide safe and efficient warehousing and distribution facilities at across 80 cities in India. Our warehouses are located strategically, allowing your distribution point to be closer to the retail than ever before. Thus, you have shorter lead time, faster turnaround and quicker order realization, helping drive higher volumes growth.

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Supply Chain Optimization

As globalization continues, distribution and logistics needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated. As a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL), we can take over the entire logistics function for your company.

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